Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Tintinnabulation Of The Merry Bells At The Carnival Of Equivalences And Inconsistencies

Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet [dk]
Kayaka [uk]
Dave Phillips [ch]
Violet [dc]

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Merry Bells at the Carnival of Equivalencies and Inconsistencies

june first of two thousand two and there was a riotous array of international collaborative audio itching to be used at ZH27.net
ames sanglantes + bryan day + cheap machines + harlan lyman + hinyouki + outermost + pablo reche + pleasure girls
canada + iowa + england + switzerland + spain + japan + argentina + washington d.c.
the result is work of intensity and out rageousness worthy of being the 750th ZH27 release!

Carnival of Equivalencies and Inconsistencies

From spring 2002 Carnival of Equivalencies and Inconsistencies is a wild collage of improvisations sessions of a group of Louisville musicians, and improvisers under the informal name of Sapat. Sapat have been meeting most Thursdays at Kris Abplanalp's house to play for a few hours. I joined these folks for a few sessions including a live show in April and May 2002 and my lo-fi recordings of the events served as the source material for this release.

The title derives from a 1964 writing of Jean Dubuffet "Carnival of Mirages".The sentence it comes from in full:When the gala day arrives, can't we emulate those Chinese conjurers by reaching into our heads, pulling out the iridescent scarves of incongruities, and decorating our homes with them, in tintinnabulation of the merry bells at the Carnival of Equivalences and Inconsistencies